Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 24 Cooks Corner

Today was to be an eventful day. We off to Cooks Corner to meet Julie from the Pink Hummer. We were pretty excited about that as at one time it was planned that they were going to do the Conga with us. She actually did for a mile or two and that is what is is all about.
Anyway Carrie arrived at our motel, she came in burnin rubber for the ol boy that owned the place.  He was all worried that  we were some bad ass bikers and were going to start our mean machines up before 9 am. He was down right rude actually, and when it came time for the continental breakfast he stood right over us to make sure we didn't take more than we were suppose to. Lets just say I don't think he liked any kind of bikers.
Carrie arrived with Janna. The ride to Cooks Corner was beautiful, they really do have some nice roads to ride. A couple more gals met us there, whos names I can not remember. We had a great lunch and visit whilst waiting for Julie. We took a ton of pics of each other. I always like to get that banner shot of everyone that rode with us too and their autograph. While I was getting the banner out, over walked this couple. That would be Daisy and Cliff. They couldn't help themselves she said to find out what was with all the pink. So of course I  told the story, she donated some money and wished us good luck. I asked her if they could ride with us a little bit that day and she said sure. Well how about that, they both rode these awesome Choppers. How cool was that?? I remember Daisy saying she never wears pink, but that particular day, she had a pink bandanna on. 
 Janna, Carrie, Flo, Fancy, Wilbur, Daisy
 Fancy, Flo, Janna, Carrie
 Miss Daisy/Chopperdoll
Flo and Daisy
Janna, Fancy, Julie, Carrie, Flo
Julie arrived in here pink Hummer...She got to do a small part of the Conga too. It is pretty exciting as I look back meeting so many people that you only met on line. Or meeting people like Daisy for the first time and now we are good friends on FB. It really is a small world. 
It wasn't a great day for fundraising but it was a great day for fun. And that we did!! As it turned out there was no fundraising event but it was worth meeting these great people and like I said, we were loosing our mojo for fundraising. I kept hoping we would find it back.

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