Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 23 I think.. Meeting up with Carrie in California

 Today was the day we were waiting for. Meeting Carrie Kuehn. It was going to be a special moment. I think I had know Carrie for about 6 months by now on facebook. I had approached her out of the blue to see if she would be interested in donating a website for our cause. Long story short, Carrie was there for us without hesitation. We had become great friends online. She seemed to figure me out instantly. It was very important to us to meet her for her kindness. Also we were looking forward to meeting Brenda Fox and Ken Kosiorek and Julie Newall from the Baja 100. All of us had become good friend on FB therefor it was very important to meet them in person as they had been so kind and supportive of the Conga. Julie offered to put on a barbecue fundraiser. Ken had given me great advice. Brenda and I had become great friends and she was supporting the Conga on her site. We had the time and decided it had to be done, as long as we were riding,  fundraising and making money for the cause it didn't matter where we went. It was cool that they all live fairly close together.
We sure got a chuckle from Carrie when she came bombing in on her bike whipped off her helmet and said... See Flo, I made an effort and wore pink...lol her hair tie.. Carrie is just not a pink kinda chick, but we did manage to get a little more pink going on before the end of our 3 day stay.

It was just an instant friendship with Carrie, she had us laughing right away. She told us it wasn't hard to find us, just looking for pink. We had pretty much kept in close contact with her all along the road trip. Didn't take us long though to find out why Brenda had nick named her Turbo.. That gal can ride!! A few times in the  next couple of days, they would find the difference in coming from a small town, on Vancouver Island to Orange County California, or Malibu... Yikers!!!

There we got Carrie leading the 3 Canadian pink smurfs through the streets of California. Pay attention and keep up is all I could think about!!! Love ya Carrie!!!
Carrie got us to our motel, helped us with our bags, got us settled in, visited for awhile, interviewed me around the pool side. It was an early nite, tomorrow we were going to check out some roads in the area!!

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