Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 22 Kingsmen

5 minutes after we pulled in for gas in Kingsman

 Check it out, this lil dude is 6pack Danny

6pack an his wife plus there working buddy warshing our bikes... Yep warshing!!

This particular day cracks me up every time I think of this crew. Let me see if I can recall to the best of my ability. We were still on the look for the Harley Dealership that was suppose to be not too far away, as I still needed my headlight fixed. We weren't far, but still exhausted again from the heat. We pulled into the gas station, not for gas, but something cold and to dump water all over ourselves. We were beyond hot!! Standing inside the gas station to get out of the heat complaining and laughing at the same time saying, stuff like.. just when you think it couldn't be any hotter, it is!! Wilbur says only 100 more miles we really should make it to (forget the name) We were going to be meeting Carrie Kuehn next in Orange county California, so we needed to get as close as we could.
Whelp...the station door opens and in walks 6pack!! Omg, take a good look at this guy, blacker than soot. he stood 5ft tall, all I could see was black skin white beady eyes, and then he nodded at me...howdy folks!!
All that came out of my mouth at that time, was... Holy crap you look HOT!!! He gave me this huge big smile, and said...Thankya maam, thankya very much,  know one has said that to me for along time!! I laughed and said, not that kind of hot, sorry the kind we are suffering right now. you look like you were baked in an oven. He smiled back at me and all I could see was the yeller teeth that proly hadn't been cleaned, ever maybe!!
So then he starts going on about he can take chrome, and shine er up like nothin in minutes. In a very strong accent, which made me crack up. He rambled on about his polishing big trucks etc, for instance those bikes I could have them clained n porlished like no one business.. he was hilarious to listen to. Your bikes need a warshin too. No shit sherlock, we got 4000 miles of bugs blood and grime. How much would you charge us I asked him, and how long would it take you??
He looked at them and said about half hour each bike, 15 bucks and if I wanted to I could pull it in the shade and he would start. So I did, and again,, I don't know what the heck I was thinking at over 100 degree and we are going to get our bikes cleaned. Well shall I just say sometimes I just don't think!! In the meantime, Fancy and Wilbur are giving me the evil eye behind my back, we still had a 100 miles to go, wtf is she doing?????
He had already started my bike and could feel what was actually going on. I convinced them to stay in Kingsmen get a motel and hire him to do all the bikes... Great idea Flo, finally!!! Off we go to get settled in told them where we would be staying and we would meet in an hour. Once we were showered and cooled off, we could think better and I realized what a tool I had been. We got hold of the motel manager and told them about who was coming to clean our bikes, and they said no problem. The average person might have been a little afraid by the way they looked. The wife had stubs for teeth and the buddy had no teeth. Scarey looking but three of the nicest people. Conga is like a box of choclates you just never know what your gonnna find!!
Bottom line they spent 3 hours on the bikes we paid them good money because we couldn't possibly use them, it was obvious that they needed it.
Just another eventful adventurous day on the Conga

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